Angels Fan Leaves Game In Bloody Mess After Brawling With The Entire Dodger Fan Base


WARNING: Do not mess with Dodger fans. Not sure why Dodger fans are always beating up people when their team does so well in the regular season, but I guess they are easily offended by fans of other teams. Do I have to remind you about Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan whose head got scraped into the cement by angry Dodger fans in 2015? Yeah, that dude is still severely impaired from the incident. If you get into fight with Dodger fans, it’s not a bruise here and there, you leave looking like you just fought three tigers and an angry momma bear protecting her cubs.

Honestly, this has to be one of the most unfair fights I’ve ever seen. Usually people let them go at it 1-on-1, but this one looks like the Angels fan is fighting the entire dodger fan base in the bleachers. To his credit, he had the dude he was fighting initially on his back and was winning until ten Dodger fans jumped in and beat the shit out of him. What’s scary about this situation is the amount of women and children in the proximity. Thank goodness no women and children were reportedly harmed from the fight.

Here’s another perspective from the fight, this one clearly showing the Angels fan being escorted out of the bleachers in a bloody mess. Yeah, those stains aren’t going to be coming off anytime soon, but if I were him I would wear that jersey like a badge of honor. Tell the boys you fought the entire Dodger fan base and came out with a few cuts and bruises. Flaunt to your boys that “they didn’t want it,” or “Dodger fans can’t throw a bunch.” I’m sure this guy will have a lock on the best story to tell at the next family barbecue.

Cover Photo Via Zac Moulton

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