Cody Bellinger Continues to Rake – Hits Two More Dongs – Are The Dodgers Legit WS Favorites?


Look out, the Dodgers are playing their best baseball of the year and look like the World Series favorites some have been predicting for years now. While many analysts expected the Dodgers to win their division and compete in the playoffs, most didn’t expect them to do it with this lineup. Absolutely nobody could have predicted the massive drop off by one of their cornerstone pieces, Adrian Gonzalez, which in turn somehow helped the Dodgers by forcing Cody Bellinger into action sooner than they planned. Since his callup, Bellinger has been nothing short of spectacular since he has arrived in the big leagues. It looks as if the Dodgers have finally found that consistent deep ball threat that they have been looking for in their lineup for years.

Bellinger continued his dominance at the plate yesterday with two huge dongs to fuel another Dodger win in a sweep of the Rockies. The Dodgers have now won 10 straight and have won 16 out of the last 17. While the Dodgers look mighty hard to beat right now, I still think the Dodgers need to make some moves to go all in for the playoffs at the trade deadline.

First, I think the Dodgers need to add another quality arm to their starting rotation and to their bullpen. Last year, the Dodgers had one of the best regular season staffs. However, their starting rotation is more suitable for the regular season than the playoffs. A top heavy starting rotation usually pays dividends in the playoffs even though it might not be the best option for the regular season when you want depth in case there are injuries and don’t want to over exert your stars. Picking up a guy like Jose Quintana would do wonders for the Dodgers in the playoffs. Additionally, adding another elite arm to take some of the load off of Kenley Jansen would help them if their starting pitching can’t get them deep in games. Having a guy they could use like how the Cleveland Indians use Andrew Miller would be super helpful for the Dodgers.

Secondly, the Dodgers need to add one more right handed bat so that they don’t get goosed by quality left handed pitchers in the playoffs. Turner has been playing great, but you can’t expect him to carry the offense completely against lefties. We’ll see which bats hit the market in the coming months, but the Dodgers should definitely move to get another quality right handed bat to place in their everyday lineup.

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