Demar Derozan Absolutely Cooks #1 High School Player Marvin Bagley III at the Drew League


Derozan is locked in a deal with the Toronto Raptors and the news yesterday was that his running mates Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka both resigned. Lowry is getting 100 million for 3 years and Ibaka is getting the same number of years for 65 million.

While some fans would consider this pointless as it seems like this team won’t be able to get over the Eastern Conference hump which is the Cleveland Cavaliers, you can’t knock them for going for it. Plenty, as well as me, like the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Washington Wizards, and Milwaukee Bucks in terms of challengers for the East thrown.

Both these deals are great deals in terms of length for the team. Ibaka came over midway last season and it would be tough to lose him for nothing. Lowry might have been able to command more years, but at 31 years old to get a 3 year deal like this for GM Ujiri was a steal.

Yes, I know he has had his struggles in the playoffs, but he is still a top 4 point guard in the East. If the Raptors can change their philosophy a little bit to shoot more 3’s instead of long 2’s, as well as getting rid of Jonas Valanciunas for a big man that can stretch the defense as well as guard on the perimeter, they could improve their outlook. Land a couple of impact rookies and who knows, maybe LeBron leaves and they have a little window.

While the NBA free agency is fine and dandy, check out this video of Derozan showing the #1 2018 recruit the business:


Pretty unfair comparing a kid still in high school to a top 30 NBA player in Derozan, but gotta love a kid that likes to compete. Seems like it was in all good fun as Marvin Bagley III even retweeted himself getting faked out. In the end, he’s most likely a high lottery pick after a year in college and will be making more than most of us could sniff.

Cover Photo Via SportsNet CA

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