Dodger Legend Orel Hershiser and Fox Sports Broadcaster Joe Davis Raise The Roof By Rapping Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’


Frankly, when I came across this video on my timeline I almost thought about not watching it. Two white boys trying to sing ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem? For sure thought it was going to be way more cringeworthy than it was. Also, not a big fan of playing music out loud without headphones. Wish more people were like me. Just straight up annoying. Later in the day, I found some headphones and decided to give it a go.

Here’s the video, so you can rap along:

Eminem’s a legend in his own right and after bursting onto the Detroit underground scene for battle rapping, this is definitely one of his more famous songs. I’m sure that almost every athlete knows how to rap a couple of verses to this beat. If you’ve never heard this song before, I’m not sure if you are actually human. Might ship off to Earth one day you neanderthal.

Honestly I didn’t know who Joe Davis was, but gotta give him and Hershiser some props. With the way the Dodgers have been playing lately, I’m sure this is after a Dodger win. Gotta get hyphy.

Cover Photo via Yahoo Sports

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