Does This Look Like A Woman Who Would Yank A Meth Bag From Her Butt In Jail, Then Stick It In Her Mouth And Start Chewing?


Drug addicts are bat shit crazy. They will literally do anything to get their drugs. So, when I heard about this story, I can’t say I was really surprised. Just another classic example of a druggie trying to hide contraband in their butt, stuff they portray in Hollywood movies and the TV show “Cops” all the time. However, what made this story stand out was not the fact that she tried to hide contraband in her butt, but the fact that she tried to chew the meth in front of law enforcement officers once they caught her. The resiliency and courage to pull that off is admirable, but stupid to say the least. She probably racked up some more charges for the move.

From the Palm Beach Post:

Summer Nicole Adamson, 30, of Bonita Springs, had been pulled over when someone reported she broke a car window, WBBH reported. That’s when deputies say they found a syringe and heroin.

During a search at the jail, deputies say she then grabbed the bag of meth, put it in her mouth and began to chew it, according to WBBH.

The face says it all. This is exactly what I would expect a person to look like who would yank a meth bag from her butt and start chewing on it. Not sure if those are welts, pimples, bee stings, or something else. Looks like she’s had a rough few months, perhaps years. To all the kids out there, don’t do drugs. You might end up looking like Summer.

Summer remains in jail on a $22,000 bond. Does not look like help is coming anytime soon, and probably for the best. Let’s hope law enforcement can help Summer lay off the meth for the time being and get clean before she can rejoin society.

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