Kenley Jansen Blasts Dodger Fans For Not Voting For His Teammates In NL All-Star Game Lineup


The Dodgers are looking like a top 2 team in baseball as they sit 3.5 games up in the NL West over the Arizona Diamondbacks. After starting off the season blazing hot, the Colorado Rockies who were leading the division for most of the season, have lost 8 out of their last 10 games and are now 7.5 games back. Toughest division in baseball this year.

Ever since Cody Bellinger joined the big league club, the Dodgers have been on an absolute tear. Since that time, the Dodgers have been the best team in baseball. They are producing enough runs and their pitching is holding up. The Dodgers still will probably look to find another pitcher to solidify their starting rotation for the playoffs, but they are still anchored by a Kenley Jansen led bullpen. The bullpen has been lights out when the Dodgers have a lead going into the 7th.

A couple of days ago, Jansen had some strong words about Dodger fans and their lack of voting.

Justin Turner, who was injured for a bit, was snubbed for a roster spot even though he is hitting .384 with a .472 On-Base %. With 8 hr and 33 rbi, Turner had a strong case to be considered in the All Star game. The other beef Jansen had with fans for not voting enough had to do with Zack Cozart winning the starting spot over Corey Seager.

Honestly, I don’t have any problem with Jansen’s comments as both are deserving players. I think he was backing up his teammates and while they seem kinda harsh towards the fans, he’s kinda right.

However, I could see it going either way on both decisions. Cozart has had the stronger season so far in terms of SS play even if Cincinnati is struggling to win games. In terms of 3B for the National League, Nolan Arenado is a top 10 player in the game and Jake Lamb has had a productive first half of the season that has helped the Diamondbacks stay in contention for the NL West crown.

There’s also this. Most fans in Los Angeles don’t even have the opportunity to watch Dodger games. With their brutal TV deal where SportsNet LA is blacked out in millions of homes in Los Angeles, most local fans can only watch a couple games a year. There’s for sure other ways to stream if you are a die hard Dodger fans, but c’mon. Going through that pain for a 2 ½ hour baseball game? Nobody got time for that.

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