Klay Thompson Continues to Embarrass Himself In China


I know Klay had a rough playoffs as he was clearly the fourth best player on his own team, but is he losing a step? This is the second video from China that has been released of Klay straight up embarrassing himself and the NBA for that matter. How are you going to walk up the court dribbling through your legs then pull up and airball by 4 feet. That shot wasn’t even close.

Straight trash. This reminds me of the kid you don’t want on your pickup team. Let me remind you that Klay is supposedly one of the best two-way players in the league. He is known for having the prettiest jump shot in the league. While the form looked nice, the result looked terrible. Please don’t shoot like this in the regular season. If he pulls off another one of these videos, don’t be surprised if the Warriors start to take calls on their superstar. If he can’t shoot, his value to the team will drop tremendously and they will probably take draft picks for him since they already have Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

While Klay hasn’t really been impressing on the court, he has been the subject of many great videos off the court. Being in China for the first time, Klay has been open to trying many new things. This includes a wide variety of Chinese foods. Check out this video of Klay eating something way too hot. He probably won’t be able to taste anything for the next couple of days as he ices his tongue with ice cream.

Cover Photo Via ThePostGame

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