LaVar Ball Goes Full Dragon Ball Z on WWE and Drake Dominates the NBA Awards Show


The NBA world had it’s eyes set on the first ever NBA Awards Show. With Drake hosting and the NBA TNT crew on board, everyone was focused on who would win the Most Valuable Player Award between ‘Mr. Triple Double’ Russell Westbrook and ‘Fear the Beard’ James Harden.

Lavar Ball: Hold my Beer

Yup, shocker. Lavar Ball in stole the show again. This time, he wasn’t even anywhere near where the focus of the NBA was. It’s not like this was Draft Day or a Lakers press conference, but Monday Night Raw.

I’m honestly pretty tired of this family, but this was pretty hilarious. Just look at the reaction of his sons’ Lonzo and LaMelo. Lavar went full Dragon Ball Z firing some sort of voodoo magic out of his body with his dance routine. Just imagine this being your Dad as you sit up there for one second.

Alright, back to the NBA awards. DPOY Draymond Green coming right at you.

The major news was that Russell Westbrook won the KIA MVP Award with James Harden following in a close second. The race seemed to go back and forth throughout the season as both had stretches where they were playing out of their minds.

In my opinion, the voters got this decision right even if Harden could have been seen as more efficient. Even if his teammates were helping Westbrook pad his stats towards the end of the season, the sheer amount of energy it takes to put up those numbers over a full 82 game season is incredible.

Monty Williams, who tragically lost his wife, won the Sager Strong Award in the most uplifting moment of the night. Who cut the onions.

If you have 10 minutes in your day, he’s the full video of Monty Williams speaking at his wife’s funeral. Definitely worth a watch.


Not to be outdone, Drake just dominated and did his thing.


And then there’s this exchange between Kenny and Drake. Instant classic.

Overall, it was a great night for the NBA. Only thing I had some confusion about was the Dunk of the Year. Oladipo won the award over Larry Nance Jr? Yeah, not sure about that one. Hopefully the NBA will change the award show to be before the NBA playoffs as waiting 2 months to decide on regular season awards just seems questionable in terms of timing.

Cover Photo via Sports Illustrated

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