Miguel Montero, Cubs’ Catcher, Couldn’t Throw My Grandma Out At Second


Miguel Montero, Chicago Cubs’ backup catcher, was at the center of the 6-1 loss yesterday against the Washington Nationals for his unfiltered postgame comments. The Nats stole a startling 7 bases without getting thrown out once, and often times without a throw. Trea Turner, who accounted for 4 of those steals, was running at will and took over the Major league lead in steals, surpassing the Reds’ Billy Hamilton.

After the game, Montero publicly ridiculed Jake Arrieta and the rest of the Cubs’ pitchers for failing to hold runners on. Here’s Montero’s full comments courtesy of ESPN:

“That’s the reason they were running left and right today, because they [Arrieta] were slow to the plate,” Montero said after the Cubs’ 6-1 loss. “Simple as that. It’s a shame it’s my fault because I didn’t throw anyone out.
“It really sucked, because the stolen bases go on me. But when you really look at it, the pitcher doesn’t give me any time, so yeah, ‘Miggy can’t throw anyone out,’ but my pitchers don’t hold anyone on.”

As many people expected, Montero’s comments did not sit well in the Cubs’ locker room. Today, Chicago Cubs first basemen and superstar, Anthony Rizzo, called Montero’s comments “selfish” on ESPN 1000 Chicago. Soon after, Buster Olney tweeted out that the Cubs were going to designate Montero for assignment.

Well, that escalated quickly. This situation definitely has to put all other backup catchers on notice to never open up your mouth to the media again. You’re a backup for a reason, do your job and keep quiet. Honestly, there might be some truth to Montero’s comments, but Montero is still one of the worst catchers in the league at throwing people out. He has the 55th fastest pop time for catchers, which means he is about as fast as a snail. Just looking at Montero, you can tell he doesn’t spend a lot of time working on his quickness and speed. His slow pop time, combined with the Cubs pitchers not really holding on runners well, creates a huge problem for the Cubs on the base paths. It also doesn’t help that Montero is being compared to their starting catcher Contreras, who has been pretty successful in being able to cut down runners trying to steal this year. So long Montero, this was probably his last major league game. Tough way to go out, but he did win a World Series ring last year so can’t feel too bad for the guy.

Ever since the news of Montero being canned came out, rumors about Kyle Schwarber returning to catcher has started to circle. Not sure if there’s any truth to these rumors considering they already have a pretty good catcher in Contreras, but I would definitely like to see Schwarber get some reps behind the plate in a big league game. Maybe a change back to his old position will get him out of his slump at the plate.

Cover Photo Via Bleacher Nation

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