Rob Kardashian Posts Blac Chyna’s Nudes, Confirms To The World He Is Officially The Saltiest Dude On This Planet


I knew the Kardashian’s were crazy, but nobody could have expected this bomb to drop on social media this morning. Today, Rob Kardashian took to Instagram to upload Blac Chyna’s nudes to over 9 million followers. Additionally, he posted pictures of the dude he claims Chyna cheated with, alleges that Chyna does an absurd amount of drugs, claims that TI paid Chyna to have a threesome with his wife, says that Chyna had plastic surgery on her ass, and much more.

So much to love and so much to hate from this social media drama. In classic Kardashian fashion, he would be posting some vagina for the world to see. However, this time it wasn’t a Kardashian vagina, it was Blac Chyna’s Dorito looking one. Yeah, you can go find the uncensored picture on the Internet. You can’t honestly tell me that doesn’t look like a fucking Dorito.

The second funniest thing about this picture above is Rob’s sexting game. “Quick go in the bathroom take quick pick for me to cum to.” “Ok trying to cum before I shower lol.” “Do it u know u beautiful always to me.” Just imagine fat Rob Kardashian texting this to Blac Chyna as he sits naked in the bathroom with some lotion. Yeah, nightmares. Why the hell would you air your gross sexts to the world? Do you not know that all iPhones have a crop feature or do you think this is some normal texts to send to your girl? Just gross…

One part of this story that I don’t like is that Rob is telling everyone how much money he is spending on Blac Chyna. At some point, you just have to cut her off. You just look dumb if you keep spending money on your baby’s mom who is supposedly cheating on you and using a shit ton of drugs. This is exactly what happens when you impregnate a hoe. She takes your money and ruins your life.

While Blac Chyna is getting blasted on social media by Rob, she actually might “win” this thing due to revenge porn laws of California. There are rumors that Rob may have violated California’s revenge porn laws by posting pictures of her vagina on the Internet. What Rob probably thought was a great idea to bash Chyna on the Internet, may turn into prison time for Kardashian. Let me tell you Rob, prison is not going to be fun for a Kardashian. Don’t drop the soap big boy.

Honestly, Rob going to prison might help the Kardashian’s become even more famous. Could you imagine the ratings they would draw for their reality show if some episodes included family visits to fat Rob in prison. Yeah, that would be wild.

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