This Guy Really Joey Votto’d His Gender Reveal #ProtectThePlate


O the lovely time of when it’s time to figure out if your baby is walking out with a little wee-wee or not. Gender reveals, not sure if they’re still in or outdated, but this has got to go down as an all time classic.

To his defense, the pitch was a little inside, but this is a two strike approach. Even if you’re getting a jam job to fight it off, you gotta do what you gotta do. Not every pitch you can barrel, and this is one of them. Some people struggle with the inside pitch, and I’m sure the scouting report on this guy growing up was to just throw hard and in every time.

Another explanation for this video could be that this guy is a huge Joey Votto fan. Plate discipline no matter what. Even if you could hit 50 bombs a year, your main job is to get on-base. I wonder how many walks Votto would get a year if he played for Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s.

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