WATCH: McKenzie O’Connell, Golfer and Model, Tee Off A Beer Can From Her Knees


Golf videos seem to be all the craze this Summer. Whether it’s dudes getting run over by golf carts and breaking their legs or guys teeing off of each other’s butts, golf videos have been taking social media by storm.

While the run over your friends with golf cart trend is honestly pretty funny and extremely dangerous, it doesn’t take much skill. All it takes is a couple of beers in your system and a heavy foot. Then, when your friend is least expecting it you step on the gas and body him like a spider-monkey. What takes skill is this girl pulling off this super impressive trick shot while a bunch of male onlookers drool over her.

Talk about wifey material? Not only did she square that ball up cleaner than most dudes standing up, but she also hit it off of a beer can. I’m sure some of the old dudes in the video watching from behind popped one after watching this shot.

Looking over McKenzie’s Instagram, it seems like this isn’t her first rodeo. Her Instagram is full of golf trick shots, bikini pictures, shooting guns, and more. Whoever is dating this fine piece of work is probably living the dream. She’s hot, athletic, and loves to golf? What not to like.

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