Watch: Perennial Losing Coach Jeff Fisher Getting Fired Makes For Great TV


The Rams were so bad last year, that the NFL’s trailer for this years “All or Nothing” Amazon series featuring the Rams is Jeff Fisher getting fired. Getting fired sucks, but having the moments after you just got canned be broadcasted to the whole world is just downright ruthless. I almost feel bad for one of the worst coaches of all time, Jeff Fisher, but then again I don’t because he literally sucks. In every sense of the word, Fisher deserved what he got. If this man gets another head coaching job, I will be offended. He just isn’t a good NFL coach, as evidenced by his terrible win-loss record.

What makes this video a little funny to me is that his whole staff acts completely shocked that Fisher got fired. Did you guys really not see this coming? Of course they did. The Rams were one of the biggest jokes in the league last year. Jared Goff couldn’t throw a touchdown if the defense was playing with 8 defenders and their receivers couldn’t get off of jam coverage if those were college kids out there defending them.

The offense was an atrocity. Thankfully, their defense made the games appear closer than they actually were. As a LA native and by default now a Rams fan, I hope that they can find some rhythm and flow to that horrendous offense. Please move the ball like other teams and at least air it out a couple of times a game instead of running 3 yard outs and slants all day. Here’s to hoping the Rams season goes much better with a new head coach and new energy in the building. Good riddance, Jeff Fisher.

Cover Photo Via Pro Football Talk

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